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I hereby request that I be given access to my The Medical Practice patient record as may be made available to me by my physician. I understand that these records are confidential and protected under the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Any disclosure of these records to any other individual, organization, or other party I fully accept as my full and complete responsibility. I further understand that by accessing this information through the internet I may compromise the confidentiality of my records and I hereby accept this responsibility and hold my physician, my physician's staff and The Medical Practice harmless and without any responsibility as a result of their acts of commission or omission in protecting my personal medical record as may be accessible through the internet. I further understand that this authorization does not limit or otherwise remove the responsibility of The Medical Practice to protect my records in accordance with HIPAA.

I hereby give my permission, consent and authorization to The Medical Practice and my physician to provide me with personal access to my medical record and accept the risks and responsibilities that may exist in my having this access and ability to view my medical records via the internet. I understand that my e-mail address may be used to notify me of information or data available and I understand that it is my sole and individual responsibility to access, read, or otherwise acquire any information that may be made available through e-mail notification or through my accessing my information on the internet.

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